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I was approached by Darren Hercus a couple of months ago about a product he was introducing into the trade. Darren provided engineering computations for a home we were working on at the time and asked if we would be interested in learning more about his Mega Joist product.

Darren priced up the Mega Joists against my regular supplier There was little difference in the price. Of course like most new introduced products you tend to be very cautious. I took comfort in the fact Darren is a qualified engineer and very hands on with his product. I figured we rely on him to engineer systems to hold up our homes so it makes sense he is going to design a system to do the very thing he is qualified to do.

We ordered an upper floor joist house lot for our job in Dromana. From an installation point of view, the joists were extremely easy to install with a 90mm top and bottom chord which gave it heaps of stability to fix down and also prevent a rollover whilst installing. Once installed, the floor came up extremely stable with little bounce effect. The fact we could buzz the floor if required without nasty gang plates getting in the way was unique.

Darren’s willingness to be flexible and punctual allowed us to design and install a very stable floor at a competitive price. He also designed and manufactured pitched roof beams with a box gutter check out to suit a skillion roof for the same project. Once again, the wide stability of the joist provided peace of mind from a safety perspective.

I am very satisfied with the Mega Joist system and would have no hesitation in using it on future projects.

Greg Menzel

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