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megajoist superior products


MEGAjoist is a patented, cost effective, environmentally friendly, long span floor joist system that is easy to install and provides superior service penetrations. The product can be designed to be docked on site if required.


The MEGAjoist trusses follow beam formula, hence are generally stiffer than conventional trusses, resulting in a stiff floor system. The MEGAjoists can be made to custom heights and can be graded to form balconies if required. They have superior strength relative to other products, and hence can be designed to be load-bearing and to cantilever; potentially significantly reducing the amount of steelwork used on projects.

how we make it

The timber material is first prepped by cutting the chords and blocks as per the specific project requirements. Once the material is prepared, the MEGAjoists are assembled and glued with the MEGAjoist proprietary adhesive on a custom designed vertical jig. The jig clamps the trusses and is used to nail off the truss. Once fully nailed off, the truss is removed from the jig so that the next one can be made.

what its made of

The MEGAjoists are made from solid timber elements that are glued with a structural adesive, meaning there are no steel webs or plates to cause injury or strip electrical wires. The absence of steel webs and plates means that if the product is installed correctly there are no annoying squeaks or groans in the completed floor.

The solid timber nature of the product means that once the product is installed it acts as a carbon store for the life of the building, meaning they are an environmentally friendly product.


Comparing Standard Megajoist Truss Strength with Conventional Trusses

Comparing Commercial Megajoist Truss Strength with Conventional Trusses


MEGAjoist is installed in a manner like conventional floor trusses. The truss ends can be hung in joist hangers or designed to be top chord hung. Strong backs are run at 1500 mm max centres to further enhance the floor system stiffness.

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the benefits


The MEGAjoist provides many advantages over conventional products. The benefits are: