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Australian Engineered Solutions Pty Ltd is the company behind the MEGAjoist range of products. The MEGAjoist truss system is patented in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. It has been available in the Australian marketplace since 2011.


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MEGAjoist™ is an innovative, cost effective, environmentally friendly, long span floor joist system that is easy to install and provides ready-made service penetrations. It can be site measured to suit or can upon request be designed to be docked on site. Lead times are minimized. MEGAjoist trusses follow beam formula. They are generally stiffer than conventional timber trusses, resulting in a stiff floor system. MEGAjoists are made from solid timber elements that are glued with a structural adhesive replacing steel struts and plate connections. The absence of steel webs or plates avoids injury or stripping of electrical wires and prevents floor squeak under load.

MEGAjoists can be made to custom heights and can be graded to form balconies if required. They have superior strength relative to other products. MEGAjoists can be designed to be load-bearing and cantilever; reducing the amount of steelwork required for projects.  This can result in significant cost savings.

The solid timber nature of the product means that once the product is installed it acts as a carbon store for the life of the building.

MEGArafter is an equivalent low pitch roof truss system.

Australian Patent is now registered.
Patent licenses available. Limited Numbers. Expressions of interest invited.

Allan McDonald
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I was very impressed with the timely delivery and quality of the product. It was awesome to see how the rafters easily spanned 7.4 meters and did not have any bounce in them. I particularly liked the fact that the top flange was tapered to match the required roof pitch. This meant that graded battens were not required, making our job a lot quicker and easier to construct.
Tony Hamptom
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Thanks for a great job with the 'Megajoist' roof trusses - they're terrific. I was quite impressed with your turn-around time for delivery, the full timber construction makes them feel very solid, they were easy to work with, and the system is obviously very versatile.
Greg Menzel
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Darren's willingness to be flexible and punctual allowed us to design and install a very stable floor at a competitive price. He also designed and manufactured pitched roof beams with a box gutter check out to suit a skillion roof for the same project. Once again, the wide stability of the joist provided peace of mind from a safety perspective.
Scott Manks
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Thanks for your work on 32 Dinsdale St, project is well on the way to completion and floor is nice and stiff etc. We have been really happy with the product.