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become a megajoist fabricator


why become a megajoist fabricator?

If you’re looking to run a new successful business or side business to complement an existing business within the building industry, becoming a MEGAjoist fabricator could be for you.

Becoming a MEGAjoist Fabricator gives you, unlike franchise arrangements, a non restrictive, non-exclusive license to manufacture the Patented Megajoist alongside other industry products and services such as structural engineers and architects.

Do you need a trade qualification to be a fabricator?

No, you do not require a trade or other formal qualification, however relevant experience within the building and construction industry is essential. Training will be provided for eligible licensee candidates.

How many people can buy the licence?

Licenses will be limited in each state to not flood the market.

Does the license need to be renewed each year?

The initial license period is for 1 year, however subsequent options can be extended.

What are the costs involved?

There is an initial license fee, however the only on-going fees are 3% of product turn-over. There is no annual commitment on turn-over.

Do I need special machinery?

Yes, the MEGAjoist vertical fabrication jig is an essential piece of equipment that must be used to produce the trusses. These jigs ensure the trusses are uniform in dimension and are of a high-quality standard.


There is an expected 30% gross profit return on the MEGAjoist range of products. Net profit is dependent on annual turn-over and fixed overheads such as rent etc.

general questions

Generally, timber is supplied from local mills or wholesalers at a wholesale rate. The MEGAjoist proprietary adhesive is supplied by MEGAjoist and is the only adhesive that can be used in the products.

The MEGAjoist products are locally manufactured for the local market.

If you want a cost-effective superior product, simply click on the request a quote button in the menu and follow the prompts.


The products are delivered to site on flat bed crane trucks direct from the local manufacturer.

We sell direct to the marketplace including owners, carpenters, builders and developers.

The longevity testing undertaken represented 50 years in service. Trusses were cyclically point loaded 280,000 times and tested extensively by the adhesive manufacturer.

The deflection and destruction testing of the products has been undertaken by Australian Engineered Solutions Pty Ltd and under the direct supervision of a qualified structural engineer.

The adhesive and truss durability tests have been undertaken by the manufacturer under the direct supervision of an experienced and qualified chemical engineer.

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